Subject: Attempt to find out about Pied Crows from the Windex people
Date: Aug 2 00:28:07 2002
From: Jack Kintner - jack.kintner at

I think Ashcroft is behind all this.

At 09:13 PM 8/1/02 -0600, you wrote:
>Jodi O. from SC Johnson is liable to hear from a lot of consumers, and
>some non-consumers, who may collectively dampen her unbridled enthusiasm
>about always appreciating "hearing from our consumers!"
>Maybe they need a disclaimer, like horse movies: "No animal was harmed in
>the filming of this commercial."
>Jodi O. is probably a pseudonym for a computer. But if not, don't be too
>hard on her.
>After all, maybe they imported these crows without papers, or stuck
>electrodes on them, or performed other unspeakable acts....... things
>which must remain confidential.
>RT Cox
>Gillette Wyoming
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