Subject: Bainbridge Island Accipiters
Date: Aug 2 08:22:03 2002
From: Jack Kintner - jack.kintner at

A letter which again raises the question of disclosing the locale of
accipiter nests, or any raptor nest location. I say it's inadvisable at best.

At 07:58 AM 8/2/02 -0700, you wrote:
>There are at least 4 successful accipiter nests on the Island this
>season, which seems unusually high to me. Two Cooper's Hawk nests
>fledged a total of five young and two Sharp-Shinned nests fledged
>probably about the same. One of the sharp-shinned nests was a half mile
>from a Cooper's Hawk nest. It was located in the Ted Olsen Park, a five
>acre city park. This morning I watched a young sharp-shinned try to
>catch a young Douglas squirrel.
>Jamie Acker
>Bainbridge Island,WA
>Biowler1 at
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