Subject: Port Angeles Emperor Goose still there?
Date: Aug 2 11:17:21 2002
From: Robert Norton - norton36 at

Rachel & Tweeters,
Stumpy, the one footed Emperor Goose, has been at the Lincoln Park Ponds
for several years and is presumably still there. It has been accepted as a
naturally occurring individual although personally I have my doubts. The
last report that I have is on 5-18 but I would be surprised if it is not
It is in Lincoln Park which is west of towntown Port Angeles. To reach
it, go west into Port Angeles on US 101. Follow 101 until the highway comes
downhill to the central business district. 101 turns south at this point but
keep going straight and follow that route with some bends to where the
Tumwater Truck Route (WA 117) turns south at a stop light. The distance is
perhaps 1.5 to 2 miles. If you go too far you will end up at the Coast Guard
Station on Ediz Hook. This road has only one side road to the west before
rejoining US 101. This is Lauridson Boulevard. Turn right (west) on
Lauridson and drive about 2 or so miles until there is a wooded park on the
right. This is Lincoln Park and is well signed. Drive in and work your way
downhill and towards the east to the last parking area. The ponds are to the
north and east. The goose is usually in the eastmost pond. Sorry I do not
have exact mileages.
I would appreciate being notified by email of any positive or negative
sightings. As a matter of fact, I would appreciate any noteworthy sightings
from Clallam or Jefferson counties as I keep a database of the sightings and
report these regularly to WOS & North American Birds.
Bob Norton
Joyce (near Port Angeles), WA
norton36 at
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Subject: Port Angeles Emperor Goose still there?

> A friend of mine is visiting from Minnesota, and he is wondering if the
> Port Angeles Emperor Goose is still around. Has anyone seen it lately?
> so, we really would appreciate directions to where it is.
> Thanks,
> Rachel Lawson
> Seattle
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