Subject: On the lower Columbia River
Date: Aug 5 08:24:48 2002
From: Rob McNair-Huff - rob at

I spent a little more than an hour boating on the Columbia River to the
west of Longview, Wash., yesterday and thought I would mention a few of
the species that Natalie and I watched. The most obvious birds were 10
Turkey Vultures circling along the southern edge of Fisher Island while
off-and-on rain showers fell from the clouds that threatened thunder
during our trip. We also watched immature gulls, Caspian Terns, quite a
few Great Blue Heron - which makes sense since Fisher Island holds a
large heron rookery - and a couple of Osprey. One of the osprey was a
young bird that let us get fairly close - within 75 yards or so - as it
sat on top of an aging piling near what appeared to be its nest.

We also saw a surprisingly large number of Canada Geese on the northern
shores of Fisher Island, 75 to 100 birds that are likely migrants since
these geese have not been around when we have made other visits to this
part of the river earlier in the year.

It wasn't a great day for birding with the rain moving through, but it is
hard not to enjoy a boat ride on the Columbia River.

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