Subject: Any North Kitsap Birders?
Date: Aug 12 10:45:15 2002
From: JLScott53 at - JLScott53 at

Hello! I'm writing an article about birdwatching in north Kitsap for
"Kingston View" (a monthly supplement of the "North Kitsap Herald" for
north-enders). Any Tweeters in Hansville, Port Gamble, Indianola, Suquamish,
or Kingston? I would love to learn from you about

* bird species activity in September (who's coming, going, passing through
next month?)
* best (public) places to see birds in our area
* trends you've noticed (any spp declining or increasing locally?)
* unusual recent sightings
* interesting birders I might not know about (local experts, etc.)
* fall birdwatching events/activities/research (I'm in contact w/Kitsap
Audubon but would love to hear firsthand from folks involved in counts,
research projects, banding, etc.)
* surprising, interesting, or amusing things about birders/birding/north
Kitsap that an ordinary reader might not know

Email me and tell me what you're up to. If you prefer not to be quoted
directly, just let me know. Thanks!

Jennifer Scott
Bainbridge Is., WA
JLScott53 at