Subject: Hatchling Coots
Date: Aug 13 11:57:17 2002
From: kjandrich at - kjandrich at

Hi RT and Tweeters,

I got these funny responses to coot hatchling names and thought "you all" might get a chuckle from these and I hope RT doesn't mind I posted them for all.

Now I have so many more options regarding young cute coot names:-)

Renton, WA
kjandrich at

In the south, they're cooters. Around here they're cootettes. Most places they're cooties. No one calls them cootlings except when they're being breaded and deep-fried.

"RT Cox" <birder at> wrote:

>I hope you don't mind.....
>but the breaded and deep fried portions are cootlets, not cootlings. ?And the people who call them cooters are from Arkansas, not the Deep South. ?You may recall the famous Whitewater Cooters, although Bill Clinton will deny it.
>I'm just on a tear. ?Forgive me, but I hope you get a good laugh.
>I spent a few minutes this morning watching coots and PB grebes making their cute little noises in an algae-covered stock pond on an otherwise dead silent post-rain prairie. ?If it wasn't sublime, it was pretty dang close.
>RT Cox
>Gillette Wyoming

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