Subject: Ridgefield NWR
Date: Aug 15 21:19:39 2002
From: washingtonbirder. Knittle - washingtonbirder at

Today I took a spin around the loop at Ridgefield NWR between 6-7pm. There
were 3 birds of note. Just past the beginning of the loop were many Purple
Martins. The young out numbered the adults. They were sitting in the dead
trees along with Starlings. And must add they were very vocal.

At the southern end of the loop with the coots and ducks were 2 Red-necked
Phalaropes. Other shorebirds here included 2 Greater Yellowlegs, both
dowitchers, Western and Least Sandpipers and Killdeer. Also 2 Bank Swallows
were seen flying over the wetlands here.

The refuge as a whole doesn't have large numbers of birds, but the
shorebirds could be different daily.

Ken Knittle, Vancouver, WA
washingtonbirder at

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