Subject: RFI: Birding in New Zealand
Date: Aug 17 19:12:04 2002
From: Joaw9 at - Joaw9 at

Greets --
A couple days ago my friend suggested we take a trip to New Zealand
and check out the birds there. We are both old (she is 77 and I am 55)
ladies who have never been to New Zealand before so we can use all the help
and suggestions we can get.
I am hoping to hear from other Tweets who have been there and can
offer advice on the best plan of attack. When is the best time of the year
to go? Where are some 'must see' places?
Marion suggested we rent an RV and toodle around. I wonder if we
wouldn't be better off either with a SMALL group or perhaps rent an
experienced birding guide to take us around. Any guidance would be welcome.

Jo Waldron
Everett, WA
joaw9 at