Subject: Fw: Western Scrub-Jay on Lummi Is. (fwd)
Date: Aug 20 11:29:42 2002
From: Scott Atkinson - scottratkinson at

W. Scrub-Jay is scarce in Skagit Co (there are 4-5 records now) and none
from the islands to the west (Guemes, Cypress, Fidalgo, etc). I'm not aware
of any records at all from San Juan County (but could be mistaken), I'd be
surprised if Whatcom Co (in which most of Lummi lies) has more than a record
or two, but best to check with others on that.

Scott Atkinson
Lake Stevens
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>Subject: Fw: Western Scrub-Jay on Lummi Is. (fwd)
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> Can anyone answer his question??
>Ian Paulsen
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>Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 6:59 AM
>Subject: Western Scrub-Jay on Lummi Is.
>Yesterday on a visit to Lummi Island I observed one Western Scrub-Jay. The
>bird was in two fir trees just north of the public observation platform on
>the east side of the island ( just north of the ferry landing) . I know we
>have had an increase in sightings here in western Washington over the past
>few years, but I thought this may be of interest being this far north. Are
>Scrub-Jays being seen more regularly in the San Juan Islands?
>Brad Waggoner
>Bainbridge Island, Washington
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