Subject: Osprey hacking
Date: Aug 22 07:00:27 2002
From: Joaw9 at - Joaw9 at

Larry --
Thank you for the explanation. I found it interesting and I really do
appreciate your time in educating the unlearned (me -- but I AM learning).
You did not mention anything about the osprey parent's reaction to
their young being taken. Did they become frantic at the loss of a child?
Did they attack the 'nappers' ? I am sure that is not the correct word but I
am not sure what to call the researchers who actually removed the nestling
from the nest. If there was an adverse reaction from the parents, how long
did they stay upset? Did anyone stick around to observe their behavior? I
presume that the remaining nestling would certainly come out ahead in the
long run for having more food and parental attention.

Jo Waldron
Everett, WA
joaw9 at
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