Subject: shorebirds, Othello, WA
Date: Aug 27 19:40:18 2002
From: Bob Flores - rflores at

Shorebirds have made a move here. For those of you here last weekend the numbers have dropped. I went out to Para Ponds and McCain's Ponds and found the following.

black-necked stilt 9
greater yellowlegs 7
long-billed dowitcher 12
killdeer 22
red-necked phalarope 6
lesser yellowlegs 7
least sandpiper 6
semiplamated plover 1
Baird's sandpiper 2
western sandpiper 57
Wilson's phalarope 7
stilt sandpiper 2
American avocet 4
solitary sandpiper 1

When I arrived home I had a white-crowned sparrow waiting, this is the earliest date I have since I have lived here (The previous being Sept 4).

Bob Flores
Othello, WA
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