Subject: Baird's Sandpipers in Chelan County
Date: Aug 31 12:37:00 2002
From: David Beaudette - drtbrdr at

Gene and Tweeters,

There are three records that I know of for Baird's Sandpiper in Chelan
County before this nice one. These three previous are from the Wenatchee
area, all in the month of August.

Dave Beaudette
drtbrdr at

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Date: Friday, August 30, 2002 9:34 PM
Subject: Baird's Sandpipers in Chelan County

>George Gerdts and I climbed Mt. Maude Tuesday and at 7800 feet on the south
>shoulder, along with horned larks and rosy finches, watched a flock of five
>Baird's Sandpipers -- calling -- fly over, either up from Ice Lake or off a
>snow bank. This may be a first county record.
>Gene Hunn.