Subject: Birds and Plants
Date: Aug 31 23:20:37 2002
From: Ed Schulz - eschulz at


Rhody leaves that have notches around the edges have probably
been munched on by nocturnal root weevil beetles. They climb
up at night to the new tender leaves on top to feed and then
head down the branches to hide in the dirt and fallen leaves
during the day. I am not aware of birds causing damage to
rhody leaves and they will often look over the branches for

Ed Schulz
Everett, WA

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From: MaryK <bassclef at>
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Date: Saturday, August 31, 2002 10:19 AM
Subject: Birds and Plants

>My feeder is right above a rhody bush. This year the bush
>produce many blooms, and today I noticed some House Finches
>Black-Capped Chickadees pick at its leaves while sitting on
it awaing
>their turn at the feeder. Some of the leaves are really
>chewed-up and, naturally, parts of the bush have a
>appearance. Can birds ruin rhododendron bushes??
>Mary E. Klein
>Seattle WA
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