Subject: chestnut-sided warbler at Lyons ferry Park, Franklin Co, WA
Date: Jun 1 15:35:04 2003
From: Bob Flores - rflores at

Steve Mlodinow and I found a chestnut-sided warbler at Lyons Ferry Park today. The bird was seen twice in the same tree, a locust, next to the concession stand and parkinglot. I took some photos with my camera and they are fair. The angle and light did not lend itself to good photos for my camera. Steve took video and felt his turned out good. Here are some other highlights of the day.

Bassett Park

Wilson's warbler 4
warbling vireo 2
w.w. pewee 3
lazuli bunting 2
Swainson's thrush 1
hermit thrush 1
barn owl 1
Townsend's warbler 2
gray catbird 1

Palouse Falls State Park

w.w. pewee 3
golden-crowned kinglet 1
warbling vireo 1
olive-sided flycatcher 1
Wilson's warbler 1

Lyons Ferry Park

w.w. pewee 6
cedar waxwing 52
MacGillivray's warbler 1
yellow warbler 7
Wilson's warbler 5
red-eyed vireo 1
warbling vireo 3
chestnut-sided warbler 1
willow flycatcher 1
lazuli bunting 2
yellow-breasted chat 2
Townsend's warbler 1

Bob Flores
Othello, WA