Subject: Purple F does Kentucky Warbler; RE Vireo
Date: Jun 2 12:47:48 2003
From: Scott Atkinson - scottratkinson at


While jogging the Boeing trail route near the Recreation Center baseball
fields (down the road from the Narbeck wetlands), I jumped when I heard what
sounded almost exactly like a Kentucky Warbler. Although not having binocs
in hand, I got to the spot where the bird was, and it was up high in an
alder; I briefly saw what was probably a Purple Finch. Despite this the
bird sang a song that sounded identical to the rolling song of a Kentucky
Warbler, except that it was not quite as burry or low-pitched and had the
tonal quality fo Purple Finch. Not once did it give a typical vocalization
for Purple; it repeated the series perhaps 20 times straight while I was
there. Weird. There was also a singing RED-EYED VIREO here.

Scott Atkinson
Lake Stevens
mail to: scottratkinson at

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