Subject: Common Y-throat Displaying at Nisqually 3 Jun 03
Date: Jun 4 08:23:27 2003
From: John Allinger - nhojregnilla at

Hi Tweets,

Enjoyed a Trip to Nisqually NWR yesterday afternoon. Our best sighting was
a DISPLAYING male COMMON YELLOWTHROAT at the Twin Barns Overlook. Nearby we
encountered a female Common Yellowthroat that spent a lot of time near the
tops of the reed canary grass. This seemed to be unusual behavior for
Common Yellowthroats. However, a lot of time for her was not much time in
human terms, and not all of our group got a good look before she reverted to
the more normal behavior.

We also had great views of a female COMMON MERGANSER on the pond just beyond
the HQs. The breeze allowed her to show the long, auburn plumage on her
nape. Later, we had really good telescopic views of a female COMMON
MERGANSER with three young -- (are they ducklings?) -- at the Nisqually
River Overlook, just off the boardwalk. They looked very much like the
adult already - but were maybe 2/3rds her size!

Oh, and there was also an OTTER there on the pond mentioned above! (It was
a mink in that area on our visit last year!)
---John Allinger
< nhojregnilla at >

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