Subject: the Nile Burn
Date: Jun 6 09:40:42 2003
From: Denny Granstrand - osprey at

Mary and Tweeters,

>From Yakima, go west on Highway 410 about thirty miles and turn left onto
the first Nile Road turnoff. (The Nile Road makes a loop, coming back to
Highway 410 about three miles northwest of the east turnoff.) The Woodshed
Restaurant is at that corner. Follow the Nile Road about three miles or so
and turn left on the Clover Springs Road. It is well marked. Follow the
Clover Springs Road about eight miles until you see the burn, mostly on the
left side of the road. According to reports this spring, there are still
lots of woodpeckers there.

If coming from Chinook Pass, take the west Nile Road, go about 1 1/2 miles
and turn right onto the Clover Springs Road.

The first two miles or so on Clover Springs Road goes through private
property, so you can only bird that area from the road. Farther along, and
at the burn, you can walk through the woods.

Denny Granstrand
Yakima, WA

At 10:40 PM 6/5/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Am trying to figure out where this is and have had no luck so far w/my web
>searches other than it appears to be near Yakima somewhere, or on/near Hwy
>410. I recall a couple of posts about it last year and great birds seen
>there, would like to add directions to it to my (burgeoning) collection of
>places to bird (and then bird it, of course). Will someone kindly tell me
>where it is, or direct me to a source that would would help me figure it out
>for myself??
>Many thanks,
>Mary Klein
>Seattle WA
>CelloBird at
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