Subject: Nisqually
Date: Jun 6 21:52:05 2003
From: Joseph V Higbee - jvhigbee at

Checked whats left of ponds along McCallister Cr. trail this evening. South
side was apparently reserved for a gathering of Kildeer. North side had six
or so Wilson's Phalaropes that stayed way to the far side and with the sun
and weeds I couldn't be sure but all but one seemed to be males and the
other possibly but not for sure a female. How's that for waffling? Closer in
there was one Spotted Sandpiper and there was one, possibly two, out near
the Phalaropes. Also noticed one Yellow-headed Blackbird, probably juvie as
head is still not full yellow.
Just a side note; I have noticed that wildlife watchers seem to be a
definate minority and in fact seem to be considered a nuisance by some of
the other users of the refuge!!?
Joseph Higbee
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