Subject: Osprey and Eagle at Lake Tye in Monroe
Date: Jun 13 08:20:15 2003
From: Rob Sandelin - floriferous at

Some of my students caught some classic wildlife action this week. The
man-made drainage lake, Lake Tye was stocked with trout in April and off and
on an Osprey cruises it. Wednesday, the osprey came up with a fish and was
set upon by an Eagle who hassled the Osprey hardly at all before it dropped
the fish, which the Eagle stooped on and snatched just as it touched the
water. The kids were hooping and hollering and to their astonishment, two
fisherman who were nearby did not see a thing. They got in a interesting
discussion about it with one of the old guys who said he used to shoot them
birds but now he likes em....

Rob Sandelin
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Dear tweeters,

Woodinville has an osprey nest. Have seen an osprey surveying cottage
lake. Has this already been noted.

Carolyn Brannen Brannen at

Woodinville, WA.

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