Subject: too fast, too furious
Date: Jun 14 19:19:50 2003
From: jbroadus at - jbroadus at

Jerry and I went down to the 11th st. Bridge in Tacoma to check on the progress of the
four new Peregrine falcons. they are almost feathered out and getting ready to fly. Lots
of flapping.

As we walked around under the counterweight where the chicks are, we picked up the leg
of a pigeon with a band. This is the second one I have found there on the bridge deck,
and they are both registered Racing Pigeons. ONe was on his way home to Surrey, BC
from a race that started in Salem, Oregon and the other was a local bird from Des

So I am thinking - the falcons must tune into a tired, confused bird as being easy prey.
Maybe they look like suburban coach potato pigeons compared to the street wise
Downtown Tacoma pigeons.
then we went to the internet to find the owners and report the band and got a taste of
what racing pigeons are all about. These are birds bred for SPEED! and we are talking
expensive - $250 a pop for the offspring of a hot stud pigeon. These are the Cameros of
the pigeon world ! so, now we are thinking - does Guy Peregrine have a macho thing
going on? Catches a glimpse of a leg band and thinks to himself "Time for a little fun?
Hey, Mickee - Watch this!".

Clarice Clark
Puyallup, WA. 98371
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