Subject: Biscuit Ridge Rd
Date: Jun 15 19:58:24 2003
From: Scott G. Downes - downess at cwu.EDU

Spent last two days along Biscuit ridge road and nothing too notable to
mention other than a couple of interesting notes..
Wild Turkey at two locations, a male along miller creek road, not
unusual, yet a female near the end of biscuit ridge rd about 4500 foot
seemed a little odd. Following the same bird thread flushed two Chukars
off the road about 9 miles up, grassy habitat, but not the usual chukar
The final note was a presumed willow flycatcher building a nest, nothing
big...except the bird's bill was entirely pale, not a dark area on the
upper mandible at all. I took pictures and can send them to interested
people once developed. Have others seen this? I also heard some odd
townsends songs in the area and was wondering if anybdy has ever
considered hybrids in this area, had a view of one possible hybrid but
it never gave a second look, but appeared to have the clear breast
indicative of a HETO.

Good Birding.

Scott Downes
downess at
Ellensburg WA