Subject: RFI-Bird Books for Europe
Date: Jun 19 17:12:54 2003
From: Levine, Barron - LevineB at

Ian and Tweeters,
Been having a somewhat confusing time trying to figure out if there's any difference between the "Collins Guide" by Swensson, Mullarney,etc and the "Princeton Guide" also by Swensson, Mullarney,etc. Are these one and the same, with the only difference being that it's sold in the states as the Princeton Guide? The cover is definitely different and the published date differ. Yet when I've tried to purchase the Collins Guide at Flora and Fauna , I was told that here in the states it's sold as the Princeton Guide. Also the U Book Store couldn't even find the Collins Guide for me. What gives? Thanks.

Barry Levine
levineb at