Subject: Ridgefield NWR - Red Bishop
Date: Jun 20 22:35:49 2003
From: John W. Williams - jwwdvm at

Intrigued by Sherry's note, I went to Ridgefield this evening and found the
bishop in the described area (just north and west of the longer bridge on
the Kiwa Trail; this is the second bridge if you travel clockwise). I saw
the bird briefly, before it flew off and did not reappear. The only
reference I have for a bishop is the Orange Bishop in Sibley. How are Red
and Orange Bishops different?


John Williams
jwwdvm at
Battle Ground, WA

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> Subject: Ridgefield NWR - Red Bishop
> There seems to have been (or still is) a RED BISHOP hanging
> around the Kiwa
> Trail at the bridge out in the middle of the area on Sunday 15th and
> Monday16th. I was called by the Backyard Bird Shop in Vancouver
> for help in
> identifing the bird which I led the guy on the 'Bishop' track so he
> investigated a little more on the internet to find out it was a Red not an
> Orange Bishop. The photos were slightly wrong for the Orange Bishop but
> without more information on hand that was the best I could do.
> So if anyone is out there you might want to take a look for this "exotic".
> Kiwa Trail is on the River "S" Unit of Ridgefield NWR south of the town of
> Ridgefield.
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