Subject: Sapsucker Heaven.
Date: Jun 21 23:26:27 2003
From: Cleo Andreasen - cleoand at

My sister and I birded in the Baker Lake-Rockport area June 17-19.
We were impressed by the number of red breasted sapsuckers seen. At the
PSE campgrounds at the dam, a pair were working over a willow type bush
near the water much to the benefit of 10-12 Rufous hummers.
We saw sapsuckers feeding young in their nests on the trail to the
Skagit River across from Clark's resort and another at Barnaby Slough.
Tootsie Clark, at the Eatery, was having a problem with a sapsucker
flying into her storage area behind the kitchen and then trying to get
out via the sky light. We can vouch for that as we saw it.
A Lazuli Bunting was singing from the top of an old apple tree on Martin
Rd at the 90 deg turn.
Between Hwy 530 and Rockport on #20, a Turkey Vulture flew up in front
of us from the grassy area by the side of the road. It surprised us, had
we been going faster we would have collided.
At Barnaby Slough, we heard a catbird but with the heavy brush we
couldn't find it. As old midwestern flat landers we knew what we were

Cleo Andreasen
Anacortes, WA
cleoand at