Subject: East Wenatchee Birding 21 June 2003
Date: Jun 22 20:24:51 2003
From: David Beaudette - drtbrdr at


Nancy Scott, Roger Johnson and I birded the Loop Trail at East Wenatchee in
Douglas County on 21 June 2003. We entered at the 27 St entrance.

Harlequin Duck...a second year male was sitting on a log along the side of
the river. Likely a Douglas County first.

Black Swift...a flock of four overhead. It was fairly cloudy, so

Black-headed Grosbeak... a dead female along the trail. The lemon yellow
underwing coverts were noted.

Common Merganser ...a female with 6 young that were about one-third grown .
When the group swam away only one young could fit on the back of the female.

Bullock's Oriole...two nests were found. Both of these nests had young which
were being fed by adults. At one nest the adult female showed some black on
the throat and looked similar to a first-year male.

Good Birding,
Dave Beaudette
drtbrdr at