Subject: Funky Looking B-C Chickadee
Date: Jun 24 19:59:13 2003
From: MaryK - CelloBird at

Thankfully the House Finches and Black-capped Chickadees have returned to my
window-mounted feeder, I guess they've raised their respective broods for
the year or something. It's good to have the singing and chatter of birds
outside again.

Anyway, tonite I was peering out the door, trying to figure out what the B-C
Chickadee racket was all about. A small flock was flying in and out of the
rhodies, to the feeder and back. One bird among them seemed to have the
rest of them upset. It was odd-looking and I'm wondering if it was a
juvenile, or??

The bird had a light throat patch, and its black bib extended well down
below what one normally sees on a BCCH. In fact, the bib also wrapped
around toward's the bird's back, almost all the way to where the wing
attaches to its body. The rest of its coloring was BCCH-like. Oh, it also
had a generally scruffy and kind of "squashed" appearance.

Any ideas what might be up with this bird, could it be a juvenile, a
"mutant," or??? Naturally I can't find my BoNA account at the moment or
would try to figure this out on my own. I plan to keep my eyes peeled for
it to see if there's anything else that just isn't quite right w/the little
bird. It was flying and calling normally, so who knows.


Mary Klein
Seattle WA
CelloBird at