Subject: Fw: Havillah Great Gray Owl Site?
Date: Jun 27 08:01:44 2003
From: Norma Wendt - nwendt at

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Subject: Re: Havillah Great Gray Owl Site?

> Tweets,
> Havillah is something of a ghost town ne of Tonasket in ne Okanogan
> About 1/2 mile west of "town" is a forest service road (FSR 3230) heading
> south from the Tonasket-Havillah Road. This first crosses a pasture, then
> patch of forest, a second pasture (all posted private land), then enters
> forest again, angles left and up a slight hill to a junction. Keep right
> the junction to a parking area. The Williamson's Sapsucker nest was just
> above where the road bends left after entering the second forested area.
> could hear the young from the road. They appeared about ready to fledge,
> however. Black-backed Woodpeckers have been seen here but we didn't notice
> any last weekend, just Pileated and I don't recall what else. No Great
> either, except perhaps a single distant set of hoots that could have been
> wishful thinking. I've been there ten times and never seen the Great
> though Great Horned, Barred, and Saw-whets seem quite regular. There are
> Bobolinks in the wet meadows just nw of Tonasket.
> Gene.
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> Subject: Havilah Great Gray Owl Site?
> > Tweeters,
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> > Would someone e-mail me the directions to the "notorious" Great Gray Owl
> > site? I understand there are Black-backed Woodpeckers present there.
> We'll
> > be up there next week and will let you know what we find.
> >
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