Subject: [Tweeters] Watching Warblers in February!
Date: Dec 16 06:46:18 2004
From: Bill and Nancy LaFramboise - wlafra at


Can you imagine watching all of North America's eastern warblers on
February 5th? You can do just that.

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon (LCBAS) will be holding a birders' social
which includes a bird walk in the morning, a break for lunch, the DVD
version of WATCHING WARBLERS at the Battelle Auditorium, followed by
refreshments and visiting time.

The birdwalk will be on Bateman Island starting at 8 am. If the group is
huge we may venture into the Yakima Delta or other surrounding
areas. Bateman Island is known for having just about anything show
up. Come see what you can find. Directions are in the WA Bird Finding
Guide or request them by return email.

The feature, WATCHING WARBLERS, is an hour of up-close looks at singing
male eastern warblers and more. You may have seen the video, but the DVD
version has better sound and picture quality. Battelle Auditorium is
located at 903 Battelle Blvd off George Washington Way in the northern part
of Richland. A $5.00 donation will be requested at the door. There is
seating for 300 which will be available on a first come, first served
basis. The showing will start at 1 pm.

LCBAS is working with the award winning filmmakers Judy Fieth and Michael
Male to make this event possible. There will be DVD's available for
purchase for $39.95. Proceeds from the sale of the DVDs will be returned
to Judy & Michael to support the making of Watching WESTERN Warblers.

If you are interested in attending or need more information, please reply
to this email or cmreep at and include your phone number. Let us
know if you or your group may attend and if you would like a DVD
reserved. Please gather your birding friends and come meet other
birders. Spread the word.

Bill & Nancy LaFramboise
wlafra at
Richland, WA