Subject: [Tweeters] Redwing; some driving suggestions
Date: Dec 22 22:11:00 2004
From: Rob Saecker - rsaecker at


for those coming to see the Redwing, a look at a map would suggest
the most direct route is to take the Black Lake Blvd exit from 101,
and go up Black Lake to 4th Ave. Unfortunately, this takes you right
past some of the most popular "shopping opportunities" in the Oly
area, and at this time of year, the congestion can be ferocious.
Earlier in the morning can be ok, but long before noon traffic will
be backed up onto the freeway. So, an alternate suggestion, assuming
you're coming from I-5: continue on 101 past Black Lake, and take the
Evergreen Parkway exit. Shortly after leaving 101, take the Mud Bay
Rd. exit, and turn right at the stop. Mud Bay crosses Cooper Point
Rd. and becomes Harrison, and then crosses Division. After Division
you're in the Redwing neighborhood, so jog over a block to the south
and start watching for the Robin flock, or, alternately, the birder

After you're done enjoying the Redwing, you could backtrack on Mud
Bay Rd. to where it crosses Mud Bay, and stop to sort through gulls
and such. Or you could continue down the hill on 4th, and have a look
at the ducks on Capitol Lake. And if you really want a "taste" of
Olympia, take 5th Ave east through downtown, and just before you
cross the train tracks, turn left into the parking lot and go fill
your water jug with the spring water that comes out of the pipe
there. (It's a private parking lot, but if you just get water and
leave, no one will bother you). Whatever you decide to do, I hope you
enjoy your visit to the (temporary) Capitol of North American
Birding. :)

Oh, yeah; I saw the bird for about an hour this afternoon. Nice bird,
good company. Highly recommended...
Rob Saecker
rsaecker at