Subject: [Tweeters] Redwing YES on 12/31
Date: Dec 31 15:38:11 2004
From: Jay Withgott - withgott at

Since no one else has posted yet, I'll mention that the REDWING was
seen by a few dozen very happy birders this morning, 31 Dec. At 8:30
a.m. it flew in from the east for 60 seconds or so where we were all
gathered on Decatur (or was it Milroy? -- someone can correct me if I
have my streets mixed up) b/w 4th & 5th. Then it was respotted
further east, then spotted again on Rogers b/w 4th & Harrison, and
then again north of Harrison around roughly Garfield and Sherman.
Each time we were able to follow its path as it flew away, and after
20 min. or so of searching somebody in the front of the throng would
refind it. It was pretty much always with robins, though would also
fly alone. A real treat for me, who had only been there 45 minutes,
and it was almost as satisfying to enjoy the enormous grins on the
faces of those who had finally met with success on their third
straight DAY looking for this bird!

I took a stroll at Nisqually afterwards in the glorious sunshine and
EURASIAN WIGEON. The new centrally located BALD EAGLE nest there
should provide lots of visitors with a terrific show in coming
months, let's hope!

A satisfying megararity chase indeed, and a fun way to close out the
birding year!

Best pishes to everyone in 2005,


Jay Withgott
Portland, OR
withgott at