Subject: [Tweeters] PHOTOS: hybrid Steller's x Western Scrub Jay
Date: Dec 31 19:41:38 2004
From: Dawn Bailey - dawnsdog at

Ok Tweets, another question:

how do you tell what the hybrid cross is?

my thoughts would be location of birds, color of both parents on offspring?
any more clues?

Let me qualify my question and say I would not begin to doubt this jay
cross, very cool looking bird.

And in the summer and winter at my feeders I have lots of Evening Grosbeaks
that come in. I had 4 marked like females at my feeder that were different
hues then the general population. Got so I could pick them out of the flock
pretty quickly. Could these birds have been a hybrid?

thanks again in advance!

And Happy New Year!

Dawn Bailey
Eatonville, WA
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Subject: [Tweeters] PHOTOS: hybrid Steller's x Western Scrub Jay

> Dan finally finished his roll of film and brought me these
> from the bird that was visiting his feeder in October.
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