Subject: [Tweeters] request for McKay's Bunting images
Date: Mar 5 23:24:34 2005
From: Jason Rogers - hawkowl at

Hello Tweeters,

I've decided to put together an identification article on separating Snow
and McKay's buntings in winter. I've proposed submitting the article to Ted
Floyd for publication in Birding. We'll see what he has to say.

To get the ball rolling, I would like to invite those of you who have
photographed the Washington, Oregon, or BC McKay's Buntings to send me
low-resolution versions of your images for possible inclusion in the
article. Photographers will be acknowledged for their contributions in the

As for the two female McKay's Buntings purportedly seen at the Iona Jetty
earlier today, I'm now almost certain that one of them--for a variety of
reasons--is actually a male Snow Bunting. The other I have yet to see a
photo of.

Jason Rogers
Banff, AB
hawkowl at