Subject: [Tweeters] Redwing Sunday a.m.
Date: Mar 6 13:01:46 2005
From: Richard B Schneider - rschndr at

Howdy all,

The guy from Minnesota did get the Olympia REDWING Sat. eve. about 5:30
somewhere on Rogers St., we heard. Determination pays!

Sunday a.m., four people saw the redwing from about 9:00 to 9:15 a.m. at
several locations, all within half a block of 4th and Percival. This was
at least the third consecutive day.

We watched the morning social roost of robins, on the north side of 5th
between Rogers and Percival, with no luck (site of the Saturday a.m.
sighting). The roost dispersed around 8:45, and so did we, to check
around the neighborhood. The bird was first seen at 116/118 Rogers (a
duplex). It flew to 409 Percival, then to the NE corner of 5th and
Percival, where it ate a few holly berries. The bird was quite active,
moving every few minutes. It was hanging out with several robins, but
loosely, mainly staying 10+ feet above the ground in holly and deciduous
trees. After several good looks, we lost it.

Richard Schneider
Port Angeles WA
rschndr at