Subject: [Tweeters] Dead bald eagle at Black River heron colony. Please help
Date: Mar 8 17:05:21 2005
From: suzanne krom - szkrom at

Yesterday we discovered that the female bald eagle nesting next to the
herons was dead. We had seen her and her mate the day before and both
appeared to be in good health. We very much need your help monitoring
this situation.

Her mate is close by, standing watch over her. His behavior is
fascinating. This pair may have been together for several years according
to one source who has been watching them. We want to know what happens
next. Will the mate remain there with his mate? Will he try to push her
body off the nest in order to try to re-nest with another female? We just
don't know what will happen next. But we do need people to watch this

We are arranging to remove the female but need to wait. Right now the
herons are acutely sensitive to any disturbance, so we want to wait until
they are incubating eggs, when they are a bit less sensitive.

Please help if you can, even if it's for a short time. You may see
something absolutely astounding during that time. It's likely, in fact.
Reply to this email and I'll receive your response.

Thank you,
Suzanne Krom, President
Herons Forever

Note -- Upcoming field trip: Mark your calendars -- Saturday, March 19,
10am to noon Herons Forever and Seattle Audubon are co-hosting a field
trip to the heron colony. This one should be pretty spectacular. The
herons are out in full force right now. At least 25 new nests are being
built at this very moment. It's likely that many more will be added as
the season unfolds. This is a great time to come to the colony as the
trees will not have leafed out yet. You may see a courtship dance.

Immediately following the field trip we encourage you to stay for another
hour or so and pitch in at the restoration project on the north end of
the site. I'll be emailing more information soon.
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