Subject: [Tweeters] RBA N Idaho / E Washington / NE Oregon 8 Mar 2005
Date: Mar 8 23:03:19 2005
From: Dumroese Family - dumroese at


* northern Idaho / eastern Washington / northeastern Oregon
* as above
* March 8, 2005
* IDWA05.03.08

- birds mentioned

Trumpeter Swan
White-winged Scoter
Tufted Duck
Eurasian Wigeon
Glaucous Gull
Glaucous-winged Gull
Tricolored Blackbird

- transcript

hotline: northern Idaho / eastern Washington / northeastern Oregon
Date: 8 March 2005
Internet only.
Compiler: Kas.... dumroese at moscow dot com

This is the northern Idaho / eastern Washington / northeastern Oregon bird
hotline. Transcripts of this RBA and Palouse Audubon membership info are
available on-line at

On 20 Feb, Denny Granstrand found a male TUFTED DUCK near Vantage, Kittitas
Co WA. It was seen by several observers on 5 and 6 Mar. In the same area,
the Woodruff's found an immature WHITE-WINGED SCOTER on 5 Mar, and Paul
Sullivan reports 2 immature male WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS on 6 Mar. Look along
Huntzinger Road from Vantage south to Wanapum State Park along the Columbia
River. On 7 Mar Gina Sheridan reports a first winter and a second winter
GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL at the boat ramp on the north side of the I-90 bridge.
WA DeLorme 52, A-1.

On 21 Feb Bob Flores found 69 TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS in a flock of 5500
generic blackbirds at Para Ponds, northwest of Othello, Adams Co WA. The
Woodruff's report seeing about 50 this past weekend. From Othello go north
on Broadway (west end of town extending north from WA 24) past the
processing and storage facilities. When the road crosses the RR tracks it
becomes McManamon Road. Continue across the canal and down the hill past the
two potato sheds. The Para Ponds are just beyond on both sides of the road.
WA DeLorme 53, B-7.

Tom and Diane Weber found 9 TRUMPETER SWANS on Crooked Knee Lake in
northwestern Whitman Co WA on 5 Mar. WA DeLorme 72, C-1. A single TRUMPETER
SWAN was in northwestern Walla Walla Co WA at the McNary NWR headquarters
display pond according to Mike and MerryLynn Denny.
The Denny's also report 2 sub-adult GLAUCOUS GULLS on the Walla Walla River
delta in western Walla Walla Co WA on 5 Mar, and just north at the Walula
"poop piles" were 11 GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULLS. The delta can be accessed 0.1
mile north of Madame Dorian Park just north of the jct of US 12 and US 730.
There's a pull-out along US 12 at milepost 306.9 and a path to the delta. WA
DeLorme 40, D-1. The poop piles are about 4 miles north of the jct of US 12
and US 730 along US 12. There's a nice pull-out at US 12 milepost 303. WA
DeLorme 40, D-1.

EURASIAN WIGEONS were reported region-wide by many observers, apparently
they are moving through. The most interesting report was from Sheep Lake in
northwestern Whitman Co WA where a male was in the company of a female
wigeon on 5 Mar by Tom and Diane Weber and 7 Mar by Gina Sheridan.

Good birding!