Subject: [Tweeters] WC Sparrow races
Date: Mar 15 16:46:03 2005
From: sgmlod at - sgmlod at

Greetings All

I'd say Cameron Cox, emailing under Jessie Barry's cloak, basically is correct. In my experience, Pugetensis outnumbers Gambelli about 3:1 during winter in the n. Puget Trough.

10 years ago, as I recall, pugetensis was considered a winter vagrant in nw WA. Looking back at Jewett et al, if i remember correctly (didn't carry Jewett with me to Aruba), WCSP in general was much rarer during winter in w. WA, and almost all were gambelli.

So, I don't think wintering gambelli have decreased in w WA over the years, but rather that pugetensis has increased.

It is interesting that, while they do occur in mixed flocks, that it if you hit a real big flock of wintering westside WCSP in nw WA, they tend to be largely Gambel's. Pugets tend to be in smaller groups, more widely dispersed. Also, most wintering Harris's Sparrows I've found have been with Gambel's.

Steven Mlodinow
Eagle Beach, Aruba (for now)
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