Subject: [Tweeters] Re: Mountain Quail releases
Date: Mar 17 22:45:41 2005
From: mike denny - m.denny at

Hello All,
The question of where did those Blue Mountain Mountain Quail come from can
be answered with the help of the following text. By reading in A.C. Bents
Life Histories of North American Gallinaceous Birds I discovered that Gene
Hunn has very good reason to have some reservations concerning Washington's
Mountain Quail populations. In fact according to Dawson and Bowles, 1909
none of the races of Mountain Quail are native to Washington State. The
species was introduced from California between 1880 and 1890. The closest
native population to the Blue Mountains was located near Ironside, Malheur
Co., Oregon. So the idea that some how the recent release of Mountain Quail
in Asotin Co.might damaged the remnant populations genetics in the Eastern
Washington's Blue Mountains is indeed interesting. My question is how on
earth did these few remaining introduced Mountain Quail that were already in
Asotin County survive all these years?
Mike Denny

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