Subject: [Tweeters] Owls 5 Falcons 4
Date: Mar 19 18:28:39 2005
From: Levine, Barron - LevineB at

A large contingent of birders were present this morning to see the BOREAL OWL and SAW-WHET sitting in the cedar tree near the entrance to Reifle Wildlife Refuge in Ladner, BC. John Ireland was masterfully overseeing operations, making sure no one left without getting great looks at both birds and that the birds were not overly bothered. Outside the entrance, a GREAT HORNED OWL was also seen at some distance sitting on a nest.
Many birders headed over to Brunswick Point to see the 2 SNOWY OWLS. We finished up with a BARN OWL in a friends barn. We tried for Short-eared but were shut out at the Skagit west 90 for a total of 5 owl species.
We did see the Gyrfalcon that has been a staple at the west 90 and a Kestrel along D'Arcy Road. That coupled with a Merlin at Reifle and a Peregrine along 72nd St in Boundary Bay made for a 4 falcon day.
Throw in a SWAMP SPARROW at Brunswick Point, many WOOD DUCKS, a HUTTON'S VIREO and altogether it was a fabulous day to meet up with good friends from the BC area and from Washington.

Barry Levine
levineb at