Subject: [Tweeters] Othello area reports please
Date: Mar 21 17:23:44 2005
From: Franny Drobny - fdrobny at

Hi Maurie and Tweeters:

I just got back yesterday from camping 3 days in the lower Crab Creek
wilderness area outside of Othello. There were large flocks of
migrating Sandhill cranes about 12 or so miles west of Othello off Hwy.
26. Turn south on Corfu Road around late afternoon or near sunset, and
large flocks of the cranes hang out there and roost for the night. The
south end of Corfu Road runs into Lower Crab Creek Road and I saw my
very first Yellow-bellied marmot critter there (didn't realize they were
so big), up in the basalt rocks, about a mile or two down from the
intersections of those roads (on Crab CK Rd) heading west. Other birds
seen along Crab Creek Road were a Loggerhead Shrike, along with the
usual Red-winged Blackbrids, American Kestrel, RT Hawks and Western
Meadowlarks On Lenice Lake I saw Greater Scaup, Horned Grebe, Mallards,
American Coot, and Bufflehead. Also, Cliff, Violet-Green and Northern
Rough-Winged Swallows. It still seemed early to see more of the spring
migrants. Didn't see any Yellow-headed Blackbirds yet.

Franny Drobny

Seattle, Washington

fdrobny at