Subject: [Tweeters] 2009 July Desktop Calendar
Date: Jul 1 18:27:13 2009
From: travelGirl - travelgirl.fics at

Ahoy, it's that time of the month again. This month's desktop calendar is a photo taken at the Woodland Park Zoo's "Butterflies in Bloom" exhibit a few years back, of a Queen butterfly nectaring on a purple flower (that I admit I have no clue what it is)... The direct link is, but you can easily locate it at as well...

In addition if you are interested, the latest 2006 blog remembrance ( ) talks about a pelagic trip taken to Les Sept-Iles, off the Bretagne coast of France. Gannets, Puffins, and a cast of avian characters abound... There are a whole series of entries about that 2006 summer season, and you can read them all by just clicking on "2006" in the labels at the bottom of this blog entry. This series has been running for two months now, and will last another 40 days; entries appear in real-time, three years later.

I hope you all enjoy :)

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george davis creek, north fork