Subject: [Tweeters] Okanogan County birds
Date: Jul 4 21:08:31 2009
From: Dennis Paulson - dennispaulson at

Hello, all.

Netta Smith and I spent two days in Okanogan County, just returned to
the sound of fireworks in Seattle.

The only slightly unusual birds we saw were:

Black-necked Stilt at Fields Lake, SE of Molson, 4 July

Eurasian Collared-Dove on wire at house in middle of ponderosa pine/
Douglas-fir woods on Swanson Mill (Mount Hull) Road E of Ellisforde,
4 July.

I don't know the status of either of these species in Okanogan County.

As a P.S., we drove through the huge burn (this was called the Tripod
Fire, in the summer of 2006) between Roger Lake and Long Swamp on hwy
39, and there are still some Am. Three-toed (and perhaps Black-
backed) Woodpeckers there, but it was most noteworthy for the
abundance of wildflowers, always the case when herbaceous vegetation
takes over after a fire, and a fair number of butterflies and other
insects visiting them. If you haven't seen that burn, it's really one
of the spectacles of nature, although a tragic one. The path around
Roger Lake, as nearly as we could determine, was obliterated by all
the falling trees, and I can't even guess a the destruction of
wildlife from that fire.
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