Subject: [Tweeters] White-headed Woodpecker
Date: Jul 6 18:54:37 2009
From: Ken Havard - ckhavard at

Many thanks to all the Tweeters who sent us information on locations for the White-headed Woodpecker. ?A couple of days after the request, we drove from White Rock, BC to Leavenworth. ?The resident White-headed Woodpecker was on the grounds of the Sleeping Lady Resort Lodge. ?It was obviously very accustomed to human presence. ?We also were able to find a Williamson's Sapsucker by driving up Bethel Ridge Road reaching the habitat with Western Larch. ?The sage brush habitat along Interstate 82 yielded Sage Sparrow and Sage Thrasher, so we were very satisfied birders. ?

Chris and Ken Havard
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