Subject: [Tweeters] Vancouver Lake Grebes
Date: Jul 8 21:32:03 2009
From: Lyn Topinka - pointers at

thanks Wilson ... I went out there after work (6:00-ish) and found
the inflow packed with FISHERMEN !!! ... LOL ... kids and their dads
... could just make out (counted 15 at for sure) Grebes on the other
side of the lake ... smart Grebes staying away from all them fishing
hooks ... I could just barely determine a Clark's from a Western at
that distance ... went over the the Shillapoo end of the lake to see
if I could get a better look but quickly changed my mind ... the
mosquitos were trying to carry me off ...


At 05:04 PM 7/8/2009, you wrote:
> I did a quick check of Vancouver Lake today from the Flushing
> Channel on Lower River Road. There were ten WESTERN GREBEs and
> three CLARK'S GREBEs in the lake straight out from this inflow from
> the Columbia River. This is the most consistent spot in Clark
> County to find either of these two species and at times there have
> been up to ten times today's numbers.
>Wilson Cady
>Washougal, WA
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Lyn Topinka