Subject: [Tweeters] Red-tailed Hawk vs Bald Eagle photos
Date: Jul 9 22:30:21 2009
From: M Brown - borealis at

I stumbled upon a fairly new mitigated wetland adjacent to the Puyallup
River recently. While visiting today I was able to get a few photos of a
Red-tailed Hawk harassing a Bald Eagle right overhead. They aren't
extremely sharp as I was aiming straight up and struggling with the
sun, but I posted four of the best at:
. Also of interest was the largest assembly of Killdeer I have
personally witnessed. No fewer than two dozen were on a small island in
the wetland near Levee Road. When I arrived, they were spread across the
island or nearby, most foraging for food. At one point they all
assembled on the east and west shores of the island for what seemed
almost like communal bathing, with individuals splashing in the water in
turn, never more than two or three at a time as the others stayed near
the shore. I'll post those photos later.