Subject: [Tweeters] Fw: Ocean Shores today!!!!!
Date: Jul 10 22:40:46 2009
From: Ruth Sullivan - godwit513 at

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Subject: Ocean Shores today!!!!!

> Hello Tweeters,
> To mention first Lauren and I been seeing the female King Eider.from
> around 10.30 AM to about 3.00PM.The Eider was first spotted close to the
> jetty with Surf Scoters.The tide was still way out.So we decided to
> looking few other area and trying later back for the EIDER
> To mention another sighting of the King Eider at 4.30PM in the afternoon
> by Christina and Bob Morse.
> It seems that the EIDER is best seeing on a high tide,where you have
> closer looks.
> We birdied the Sewage Ponds,where we had a large flock of 500 consisted
> manly of Western and Least Sandpiper with 1 Long-billed Dowitshers.There
> where 2 pairs of females Mallards with there young ones.There also was 2
> Adult Osprey on the lightpole close to the Sewage Ponds.
> On the jetty we saw many Gulls with up to 500 Heerman's Gulls.We decided
> going back to the King Eider,since Lauren never saw one of this species.As
> we watched the Eider coming closer,large groups of Peeps flying in
> direction of the Tonquin area.We took the time to followed this big groups
> of Shorebirds what consisted of Western and Least Sandpipers,who was
> feeding all in the flooded beach.So Migration is here early,there was over
> 1000 birds.
> We had also close to the piling and so close to shore a lone Red-throated
> Loon what seems to be sick ,we got so close the bird did not move or was
> diving.
> Ocean Shores always is exiting to bird,especial when you getting so close
> to a rare bird.
> Cheers Ruth Sullivan