Subject: [Tweeters] Stillwater Am Redstart 7/09/09
Date: Jul 11 01:38:19 2009
From: christopher anderson - cdanders at

Hi Gene and tweets,

I was at Stillwater that morning and had both the male and female redstart. Didn't see the other male that's been seen there previously; haven't seen that bird since last time out in that area, 6/25, when both males were counter-singing back and forth. Maybe he gave up since the lady is obviously smitten with the other guy.

It was around 9:15 and I watched her go on 3 foraging bouts, back to back to back, furtively. I didn't try to locate the nest. I stayed way back, sticking to a low hiding spot in some brush on the far side of the clearing, on the river side of the opening that leads into the slough there. Based on her behavior of grabbing food pretty intensely and always making her way carefully into the same area of what I figure is the nest bush, I would guess they have nestlings, but can't confirm. The male was sticking in that area too and singing the entire time.

Also had lazuli bunting calling across the river, from Carnation Farms (Kamp Korey now, I guess would be the proper name). Had roughly 10 least sandpipers, mix of AD and JV, out on the sandbar across from the bank swallows - still doing their thing. A lone mourning dove, calling and roosting in the snags on the way to the redstart area. Many of the other species often seen there too, including a western wood-pewee still on nest, just above the snoqualmie trail. Also had tons of common garter snakes sunning themselves and a few shedding, along the edge of the snoq. trail where there are open spots with rocks and sun exposure. Also had 2 bucks and a doe. Plus a king county sheriff on a motorized bike riding down the trail (Didn't realize it was a sheriff at first, so I actually flagged him down, as I was a bit teed-off that someone was riding a motorbike down the clearly marked non-motorized trail, a bit dangerous for pedestrians on the trail - but he was patrolling - can't be mad at a man doing his job and keeping the peace - we chatted birds a bit - I would guess that trail and area is pretty neglected in coverage due to location and short-staff status of enforcement entities). So I figured 'good for him' ;)

Snoqualmie Valley is quite fun for birds - great place to get some vitamin D (get it while you can in the NW)!

Hope to hear of fledgling redstarts soon!

Have a good weekend,


Chris Anderson

North Seattle

cdanders AT hotmail DOT com

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