Subject: [Tweeters] It's Not A Bird, It's a Marmot
Date: Jul 11 11:51:04 2009
From: Penny Koyama - plkoyama at

Was shocked to see a Yellow-bellied Marmot on our property (Riverfront Landing, just south of Bothell Landing Park. There is a wide, paved pedestrian trail between the park and RFL, with several rocky drainage areas to carry disgusting road filth from 522 down to the river.) Couldn't quite believe it, ran in to get the guidebook, and sure enough, that's what it is--speckled back, buffy neck, reddish brown overall. Ran in for the camera, but it dove into the bushes.

I vaguely recall a marmot sighting in the last year or so at West Point/Disco Park, and speculation as to how it/they might have gotten there--pranksters, hitching a ride in a car from EWA, etc. Was anything ever decided on that? Could they be expanding their range?

Penny Koyama, Bothell
plkoyama at