Subject: [Tweeters] The Cooper vs the Grey
Date: Jul 11 19:45:49 2009
From: Dawn Bailey - dawnsdog at

Hi Tweets,
A small juv and very thin grey squirrel has been hanging around the seed feeder today.
This evening my husband noticed a female Cooper's hawk fly into the yard and try to grab the grey squirrel, he called to me and I saw the Cooper's fly off as the grey is frozen on the limb. Checking the grey with the bins I noticed no rough spots on his body/fur and he scrambled up the tree finally very fast. As I write this he is back on the ground checking for seeds. Obviously none the worse for wear.

Lots of juv birds in the yard this week, including Black-headed Grosbeaks, Black-capped chickadees, ( the juv birds tried to land on my camera and head ) Towhees, House Finches, American Gold finches and Song Sparrows.

A Western Tanager female comes daily for her afternoon baths.

And my juv and female Rufus hummingbirds have left for the south. Though tonight I had two new ones trying to figure out which feeder is the best.

Our Great Horned owls continue hunting the area and roosting near here during the day. We have lots of rabbits hanging in the yard so I hope we have the GHO for a few more months.

Dawn Bailey
Eatonville, WA
dawnsdog at

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