Subject: [Tweeters] Shorebirds at Ridgefield NWR, Clark Co, WA
Date: Jul 12 19:49:16 2009
From: Bob Flores - rflores_2 at

Today Jim Danzenbaker and I hit Rest Lake on the River S Unit for shorebirds. Later this evening I returned. Here is a compilation of what we found.

least sandpiper 113 (there were many peeps because of various conditions that were not id)
western sandpiper 15
greater yellowlegs 32
lesser yellowlegs 16
long-billed dowitcher 19
semipalmated sandpiper 2

of other interest 54 great blue heron and 19 great egret. One great "stare you down" look at a long-tailed weasel on the road. Soras heard everywhere, several Virginia rails seen and a yellow-breasted chat singing on the distant dike and heard from the road along the eastside of Rest Lake.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA