Subject: [Tweeters] RE: Crested Caracara seen at Marymoor Park July 11th
Date: Jul 13 13:13:34 2009
From: Hans-Joachim Feddern - thefedderns at

My non-birding son also observed the bird from backstage towards the
mansion. It was on a tree with long branches, but no top. He described it to
me and had identified it as an Osprey. We went over it again now and looked
at a field guide. He did observe that the bird had a dark underbelly in the
leg area as the white crest seemed to end mid-chest. He also describes it as
having an elongated neck and head. The light was getting bad though.

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 12:09 PM, Randy Robinson <rwr.personal at>wrote:

> Hi Robin,
> I was also at the concert on Saturday night and saw a raptor at the top of
> the fir tree to the right of the stage. What I saw was an Osprey - any
> chance that is what you saw?
> Randy Robinson
> Seattle, WA*
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> Subject: Crested Caracara seen at Marymoor Park July 11th*
> From: Robin Cameron <foxpaw6227 AT>
> Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 11:23:27 -0700
> This is my first post - so pardon me if not succinct enough! I've reported
> this siting but wanted to get the word out - Crested Caracara seen at top of
> fir tree to the right of the concert stage in Marymoor Park last Saturday
> night. Three of us watched and sketched him or her for about 30 minutes.
> Anything else I should so - he/she is WAY out of his/her range!
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